The Nashville Day of Civic Hacking

Come together with other coders, designers, officials, and sponsors for a day long hackathon focusing on using Nashville’s open data portal to improve the Nashville city government's ability to serve its citizens through greater transparency and more effective feedback mechanisms.



Come join us at Nashville Software School's new location.

Nashville Software School

Stick around for the after party hosted by Eventbrite.
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Project Track
8:00 AM Doors open
8:30 AM Introductions, kickoff
10:00 AM Breakfast snacks
More Code
4:00 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Wrap up, presentations
8:00 PM Fond farewell
After Party!
Workshop Track
11:00 AM Beginners Workshop - Topic TBA
5:00 PM Workshop - Topic TBA


Interested in Sponsoring Us?

Sponsoring a civic hackathon is a great way to connect with grassroots communities of talented people and to take part in making our city a better place to live.

While the hackathon is an all volunteer effort, we recognize and appreciate that sponsorship makes that effort smoother and easier. If you or your company would like to chip in, send us an email. We'd love to talk about it.

Get in touch about sponsorship


Not a coder?

Excellent! We want to invite people from all kinds of professions and backgrounds. Good software projects need more than coders. They need designers, content makers, domain experts, organizers and managers, testers, researchers, and more.

Even if software is a totally foreign language to you, we'll do our best find a place for you and help you get involved. Come help us make good things!

Never been to a hackathon?

Great! We'd love to have you. If you're unfamiliar with the format, a hackathon is a day long (or two), intensive learning and building session often organized around a theme, like ours, transparency and feedback in government.

Our hackathon is constructed with a fun, cooperative atmosphere, so if you aren't an expert coder or you're just starting to learn design you'll be just as welcome as a twenty year veteran of the scene.

Check out this article on Medium for an introduction to hackathons.

Code of Conduct

We take making the Nashville Civic Hack Day a safe place for people to get together very seriously. Please read our code of conduct, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or experience any uncivilized behavior during the event.


We're ironing out the details of the venue, and as soon as we know what's up, we'll post details here.


Download our current list of project proposals here!

What's a hackathon without projects? We'll be providing ideas and projects the day of, but we'd love to hear from you about your ideas, too.

If you have a project that you're bringing with you, fill out our project proposal form. As we get closer to the event, we'll be publishing a list of projects with details about their needs and structure to make it easy for attendees to connect with a project to work on.

Past Projects


Inclucivics pulls data about diversity across government departments from the Nashville Open Data Portal and presents it to users with easy to consume graphics. Users can see general information or drill down into specific departments.

Brigade Pulse

Brigade Pulse represents an ongoing effort on behalf of Code for Nashville to connect talented people with civic software projects that need help. Users can browse projects that have open issues across Code for America brigades all over the United States.

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